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We invite you to join the workshop to give your views on the following, but not limited to, topics:

Vocabularies / languages / models for describing multimedia assets
  • Multimedia ontologies
  • Combining multiple vocabularies
  • Interoperability between RDF and non-RDF metadata
  • Interoperability among current standards: MPEG-7, VRA, IPTC, EXIF, AAT, etc.
  • Flickr/del.icio.us folksonomies / Microformats
  • Multimedia extensions of Semantic Web languages / Multimedia datatypes

Tools for describing / processing multimedia assets
  • Image, audio and/or video annotation tools
  • Automatic and semi automatic annotation tools: from features to semantics
  • Improve features analysis by using semantic models
  • Extracting metadata from context (GPS, diary, camera devices, etc.)
  • Using media semantics in search, presentation and other processing

Applications / Experiences / Feedback
  • Multimedia portals based on Semantic Web technology
  • Practical experiences, lessons learned and best practices for annotation on the Semantic Web
  • Added value of using RDF/OWL semantics in real life multimedia applications
  • Specific communities: digital libraries, culture heritage, scientific imaging, etc.

The workshop is expected to:
  • bring together the various communities involved
  • provide an overview of the state of the art in the field
  • provide a research agenda by listing open problems and promising directions
  • determine and prioritize potential work that needs to be done within future standardization organizations

First International Workshop on Semantic Web Annotations for Multimedia (SWAMM) 2006   IVML 2005-2006