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The workshop invites contributions on all topics related to Semantic Interoperability in the framework of the European Digital Library. We anticipate some significant discussion owing to differences in opinions about approaches to take in solving the relevant joint problems, and we invite you to join the workshop to give your views on the following, but no limited to, topics:

Knowledge Representation, Mapping and Alignment

  • Ontologies, Vocabularies, Metadata Standards and Thesauri.
  • Ontology Mapping, Merging and Alignment.
  • Thesauri alignment and metadata enrichment.
  • Use of Ontology Reasoning and Semantic Web Rule technologies.
  • Use of Semantic Web Standards, such as RDF, OWL & SPARQL.
  • Use of upcoming Semantic Web Standards, OWL1.1, RIF, SKOS.
  • Combination of structural and semantic interoperability methodologies.
  • Ontology modularisation.
  • Digital object modelling, Persistent identifiers and packaging standards.
  • Combination of Visual and Physical Collections
  • Crosswalk of Metadata Standards.
  • Applications based on CIDOC-CRM.
  • Combination of E-Learning and Cultural Heritage Standards.
  • Semantic Interoperability approaches followed in past and ongoing European Projects.


  • The European Digital Library.
  • Museums, Libraries, Archives.
  • Audiovisual and Film Archives.
  • Television Heritage and Broadcasting.
  • E-culture.
  • E-learning.
  • E-tourism.

Access & Presentation

  • Storage, query and presentation in the European Digital Library.
  • Personalised access and context enabled presentation.
  • Searching methodologies.
  • Facet browsing methodologies.
  • Scalable and Robust knowledge management.
  • Rights management.
  • Trust and proof issues.
First Workshop on Semantic Interoperability in the European Digital Library (SIEDL) 2008   IVML 2008